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Walker International Miami Inc.


With over 19 years of experience, WALKER especializes in providing the right solution to customers who are seeking affordable printing costs as well as maintain superior levels of service. We work with all types of businesses from small to large corporations: from Doctor's Offices to Financial Institutions. We provide customers with what they want and what they can afford. That is why we can offer solutions using OEM supplies and parts to equipment using COMPATIBLES. We also work with companies such as NDDPRINT, PRINTFLEET, PAPERCUT to implement job accounting and quota control. Contact us today so that we can provide you with a FREE COST ANALISIS to see if RENTING equipment is for you. Note that we also provide service contracts that may include or not spare parts to machines that you own these being CANON XEROX OKIDATA SAMSUNG RICOH.

Our contracts range from 1 to 60 months. The longer the machine is in the customer's hands, the cheaper the cost per page given. Customers are given the choice to buy the machines at any point.

The ordering process is really simple. It starts with determining what machine you need and if it is within your budget. On the DOWNLOADS section there is a downloadable exel form that we need you to fill out and then send to [email protected] . It asks a bunch of questions that we need to know the answer to in order to help you. Once we know, then we can proceed with the quote, your OK and then installation. If you have any other requirements based on location dimensions, extra trays, sorters etc. let us know.

Some people like certain brands of machines because of previous experience with that manufacturer such as HP Canon or Lexmark. Also they may be more familiar with a certain model. True we specialize in Hp and Canon but we also work with many other brands. Just let us know and we will provide you with a QUOTE.